Who is Your PT?

Last week I made my Artisan Physical Therapy debut on YouTube to share some thoughts and information about what physical therapy is and to introduce the concept of having your own physical therapist. A physical therapist is that person you can call, email, and visit to help with pain or problems you are currently experiencing. Whether you get shoulder pain with swimming, knee pain that began with a new running routine, back pain that started after helping a neighbor move and just won't go away, physical therapy comes to the rescue.

We are here to help you know what to do in those situations, how to get back to normal, and how to prevent them from recurring. Prevention is not what physical therapists are commonly sought out for, but it is a wonderful quality of life value that we offer. Seeing a physical therapist every 6-12 months to modify your activities and exercises where needed can help prevent a problem from beginning in the first place. You should think of a physical therapist similarly to how you think of a physician or dentist. Regular check-ups can prevent bigger problems in the future, even if YOU can't identify a current problem.. And everyone likes being told that they don't have a cavity! The same applies for musculoskeletal health.

So the question is...WHO IS YOUR PT?

I am currently taking new clients and would love to be your go-to for musculoskeletal questions and help. For your convenience, evening and weekend appointments are also currently available.

Together Let's Get Moving,