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  • The Qi Spot Acupuncture -
    • We share office space with the Qi Spot. Wade sees patients here Tuesday and Thursday. Qi Spot is a gentle Portland acupuncture clinic specializing in pain from automobile injury whiplash pain and general wellness.
  • Portland Rock Gym -
    • Boasting bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing areas. Weight room and treadmills. Fitness room for yoga and fitness classes. Vegetarian restaurant located upstairs!
  • Portland Running Company
    • Great variety of shoes, with friendly staff, just the other side of the Williamette from our downtown office.
  • Foot Traffic -
    • Four running exclusive stores throughout Portland and the Downtown store is just one block from our office. Get fit in your shoe on a treadmill to make sure if fits right!
  • Sellwood Yoga/Align Fitness