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"I absolutely loved working with Liz!! I was struggling with pain in my foot for about 3 months where it made it hard to walk and in the morning it was the worst. I tried everything!! I tried rolling out my foot, I tried a brace, I tried icing my foot...to say the least it caused be a lot of stress. After going to meet with Liz she made several recommendations and the pain went away in days! I highly recommend Liz. She is very knowledgeable and really takes the time to evaluate the situation so that she can give you the best treatment plan." - Davene T.


"Liz is an excellent and very knowledgeable PT. She has a very good, relaxed approach, and takes the time to explain that Physical Therapy is really about you (the patient) learning how to heal yourself, instead of relying on the trainer to fix things for you. This is an empowering approach, and I think it is very effective." - Nate M.


"Liz is an amazing PT.  She has helped me heal from two back injuries, one of which was a torn disc.  With Liz, I have seen not only steady progress toward long-term recovery, but also some immediate alleviation of physical discomfort and improvement in how I felt.  Liz is incredibly knowledgeable and passes that knowledge onto the patient so that the patient is equipped to pursue their own healing.  She also has a deep sensitivity to how stress and daily routines can impact and damage our bodies, and she incorporates that understanding and insight into the treatment she provides.  Her calm presence is very restorative and reassuring.  Thank you so much for helping me feel better!" - Anna F.


"Liz is awesome! I have had a chronic issue with a pinched nerve, causing my arms and hands to either hurt or go numb.  Her process is highly effective, she worked on posture and movement techniques with me in our session, and since then I have followed her directives and have had no symptoms.  She has a wonderful manner and technique, including educating her patients, and I will always go back to her should the issue or any other arise again.  I will also refer her to anyone I know who suffers or deals with any relevant issue." - Sarah L.


"I saw Liz a few times to address headaches I have and she was very professional and knowledgeable.  She focuses on things you can do at home to strengthen muscles that will improve your symptoms, and on changes you can make in your everyday life. If you're looking for someone that will get right down to business and you're willing to put in your own work at home, Liz is a great option." - Rebecca B.


"Liz is fantastic!  Very knowledgeable.  I came for a sprained ankle that hasn't healed in 10 months.  In 2 weeks I have seen more progress than my last physical therapist gave me in 2 months.  She's honest and operates with integrity.  Her tips and knowledge make going to her worthwhile whether you have an injury or not.  I highly recommend going to her." - Trey O.


"Liz worked with me through my recovery after ACL surgery. During this recovery she was great at explaining my exercises in a manner that I understood and describing how different muscles and parts of my body work together to protect my knees so that I could build a healthier approach to returning back to sports. I now not only am recovered but have been able to incorporate what she taught me into my every day physical activity. I highly recommend Liz." - Joan E.