Specialties & services:

1-on-1 Sessions:

Like artisan bread or cheese, simple and pure is best. No frills, no gimmicks, no fillers, just the real thing. You are always treated by an expert physical therapist - not an aide, not an assistant, and not with a trendy machine:

  • Manual physical therapy - Are exercises and rest not enough to alleviate your pain? You might need specific hands-on treatment from a skilled manual physical therapist to reach your health & fitness goals.
  • Soft tissue mobilization - Do your muscles and tendons feel tight, stiff, and/or painful? - This focused physical therapy approach will speed your recovery.
  • Joint mobilization including thrust techniques - Feeling stiffness & pain in your joints and nerves? Joint mobilization & thrust techniques help you feel better.
  • Ergonomic assessment - Problems at the end of the work day/week? Let's check out your work space and make any beneficial modifications to reduce headaches, back pain, numbness, etc!
  • Biomechanical motion assessment and training - Do you want to know how the way you are moving might be contributing to your problem: whatever the activity -running, biking, climbing, etc?
  • Personalized education - Get your questions answered and learn what is going on in YOUR body. Your body is speaking in a language that you might not understand and you need to find an interpreter. Liz's extensive physical therapy graduate school and manual therapy post-graduate education in the human body, allows her to progress her clients step-by-step to minimize any side effects.
  • Detailed exercise program - Want to be in control of how your body feels, but you aren't sure what to do? Your body is unique. Learn exercises that are good for your body at this moment in time. Your personal program will be emailed to you for easy access anywhere and for your convenience to print. Your body will change!! Learn updated exercises as you go!
  • Wellness & Injury Prevention - Want to try a new activity, sport, or challenge, but don't want to get injured? Come in for an evaluation to learn what imbalances you have that may lead to injury down the road & learn what to do to prevent this. Also learn how that new sport or activity will stress your body and how to counteract any negative effects for healthy living for a lifetime.
  • Check-ups - Uncertain your fitness, workout, strengthening, or stretching program is still appropriate and want to prevent injury? We recommend check-ups every 6 to 12 months to make sure the exercises and activities you are doing are still relevant and not too hard or easy, as time goes on and your phase of life changes!

Session length/cost: 50 minutes is the standard recommended visit length $140, but longer 75 or 100 min options are also available and are appropriate for evaluation and treatment of multiple body regions and more complicated histories.  Short sessions of 25 min are appropriate for quick follow-up visits to advance exercise or for quick manual therapy.

Manual therapy (hands-on treatment) with Liz in the office

       Quality.           Focused.            Personal.

Mobile Treatment: (Price dependent on travel requirements)

Artisan PT can come meet you where you do life

  • home
  • office (downtown, etc)
  • climbing gym
  • lifting weights
  • on your bike
  • swimming pool
  • tennis court
  • soccer field

Are you guess-timating how you are moving when you are playing your sport or sitting at your computer? You need help! Artisan Physical Therapy can examine and treat you in full motion! Contact Liz for Mobile Treatment rates in downtown Portland, near SE & SW Portland, Milwaukie, and the Sellwood neighborhood.

On location treatment at the soccer field with Liz

Consultation: (Price dependent on client needs)

Want to have an injury prevention program created and implemented for your team, organization, or workplace? Inquire how we can create an effective program catered to your needs.

Weekend & Evening Hours: 

Is it too difficult to schedule an appointment during normal work hours? Artisan Physical Therapy is currently offering weekend & weekday evening hours for your convenience in addition to normal weekday business hours. Start the healing ASAP!

Visit the "Request a Visit" page, email, or call to schedule your appointment.

Tele-PT (Oregon & california locations)

Can't make it to downtown Portland? We are pleased to offer remote consulting for her California & Oregon patients and clients. 

  • Update your home exercise program.
  • Tweak your routine & learn what activities you should & shouldn't be doing.
  • Discuss your new fitness and activity goals and needs.
  • Evaluate progress in your movement patterns.
  • Get your questions answers.
  • Email, phone, and video consulting available