Snowboard (& Ski) Strength and Conditioning Training Plan

Are you a snowboarder or skier who wants to get the most out of your time on the mountain? Are you a snowboard newbie who wants to train your muscles for some of the movements of snowboarding? Are you tired of getting injured on the slopes at the end of the day or being too tired to get your full day' worth of money? Do you want to fall less while snowboarding?

This video introduces a pyramid series of exercises that strengthens and conditions your leg muscles for the demands of snowboarding back to back days, in powder, on groomers, as well as long traverses across the mountain.
These exercises are designed to improve your fitness, prevent injury, and improve your fun while snowboarding and skiing, primarily if begun 1 month prior to your trip of back to back days on the mountain. 
Bear in mind these are general recommendations, and a certain amount of strength and fitness are needed to perform.