Performance Does Not Equal Health!

Performance = health, right? Running faster means you're healthier, right? Lifting more weight is healthier too, right? You have to be healthy to finish a marathon, right? Climbing harder routes means your more fit and therefore healthier, right?

The way many health and wellness professionals and physical therapy clinics, even doctors offices, promote performance you would think it was the same thing as health. But is that true?

Just considering this question should lead to better outcomes for you.

Think about how early professional athletes or Olympians have to retire. They performed at a very high level, but was it healthy for them?

At Artisan Physical Therapy, our goal is always health and how to help with performance long-term. Our emphasis is not about short-term results at the expense of long-term health. We are not interested in helping you do that next race or obstacle competition, if it will damage your body.

There are good stresses and bad stresses for your body. We are only about good stresses and we can help you know the difference.

Are you focused on health or performance? Choose the long road. Choose health over performance, because health will lead to long-term increased performance. 

Follow along with future posts as we discussed some of the key principles for healthy living. Comment or ask questions below.

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