Health & Fitness Resources

local Resources

  • Wholeself Wellness -
    • We share space with Ian and his crew. WholeSelf Wellness helps people who have struggled with food, injury, chronic pain, fitness, and body image to understand their past story in order to cultivate emotionally and physically healthy habits for the future.
  • Sellwood Yoga/Align Fitness
    • The two studios are just blocks away from each other, and both offer a variety of classes, workshops, and special events related to yoga, mindfulness, MELT Method, fitness, pilates, barre, nutrition, and other health and wellness practices. Sellwood Yoga and Align Fitness instructors are passionate about yoga, fitness, and wellness, and are non-dogmatic in their teaching style.
  • Circuit Bouldering Gym -
    • Boasting bouldering, weight room training areas, and fitness classes over 3 locations. 
    • Portland Running Company -
      • Great variety of shoes, with friendly staff, just the other side of the Williamette from our downtown office.
    • Foot Traffic -
      • Four running exclusive stores throughout Portland and the Downtown store is just one block from our office. Get fit in your shoe on a treadmill to make sure if fits right!

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