We Are On SE Belmont too! Why?

This post is long overdue to let you know about our relationship with Wholeself Wellness at 2121 SE Belmont Street. We have been working closely with the owner, Ian, since late spring and started treating patients and clients there in July. It has been a blast. At Wholeself Wellness, Artisan Physical Therapy clients have access to their private treatment room, as well as, their open concept gym for body weight, resistance band, and free weight exercise - it seems there is almost no shortage to the tools there.

For those of you looking for personal training that will move you towards increased wellness without injury - Wholeself Wellness is your place. The emphasis there is not the external and aesthetic that you find with some trainers, but with deeply rooted healthy habits - including balanced and symmetrical movement patterns and nutritious eating and living for the long-term.

Dieting is notorious for rebounding back to original weights and habits, so they are there to help with understanding your "food story" - the story you tell yourself and believe about food - and moving it to a healthier space and they also address body image and hang-ups that many of us have about our body shape. So you can see where their name comes from they want to treat - the whole self - not just part of it, and not just superficially.

 Liz working out at Wholeself Wellness

Liz working out at Wholeself Wellness

It's been a great relationship and pleasure to work with them. Personally, I've been participating weekly since July in the semi-private training sessions that they offer. It's provided insight into long-standing asymmetries I've acquired due to being right handed and playing things like softball, tennis, football and participating in things like snowboarding, skateboarding, and soccer. Over the months, the imbalances are disappearing I'm getting stronger and I have a clear path for how to continue to work on these primarily rotational imbalances I have. I felt strong enough that I even ran every day in October - something I had never tried before and an experience that I wrote about in a previous blog post.

For Artisan PT patients and clients, working out of Wholeself Wellness gives the convenience of a near SE location, more physical therapy appointment times, and a variety of strength and stability tools to use for those ready to take their health to the next level. It also gives our physical therapy patients a place to transition to, with confidence, for personal training.