Attn Patients: Portland Bound

Hello interwebs!

We are Portland bound! Starting October 10th we have openings at our new downtown Portland location in the Yamill Plaza Building!

Have no fear Los Angeles and California residents, you will still get great educational material about how to live a healthier life here on the blog, in our email newsletter, on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Really so many options for nuggets of knowledge and tweaks to moving better. We can do this TOGETHER!

Also, we are pleased to offer our Los Angeles clients and patients remote consulting and are working hard to come back once a month for in-person care. You get that manual therapy to get those joints, muscles, and fascia moving and feeling better!

Portland - we are so excited to welcome you to the Artisan PT family, to offer you excellence in musculoskeletal and orthopedic care provided by fellowship trained manual therapist.

Portland! Let's get to the source, and TOGETHER, get moving!